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Life change happens at camp. We see it year after year and this year will be no different. Get your teens signed up to experience "Camp Crave" this summer as they learn to take church wherever they are! We're taking the fun to Camp Kulaqua once again where our teens will focus on building their spiritual relationship with Christ, they get to enjoy an energetic camping environment that includes extreme sports and team activities that help them build interpersonal relationships.


Our Leaders have planned out some great opportunities for our teens to have a memorable time! Each day, the teens will have interpersonal activities to build on their:

  • Team spirit
  • Trust
  • Honor
  • Problem solving

To let loose and have some fun, check out the extreme sport activities this year!




Life Change happens when you're most willing and ripe to receive it and once the activities are done for the day and bonds are made, we worship. This year, Camp Crave is blessed to have three of the most moving teachers to share their hearts with our students. Here's a little bit about them:

Coming from a family heavily involved in drugs, Cheno Lyfe, by age16, had landed in jail a total of nine times. He had gone from experimenting with drugs to using regularly. By the age of 19, he found himself in jail four more times. Broken and with no hope in sight, he decided to completely surrender his life to God. He attended Bible studies in the cell regularly and began to understand the Gospel message. He grew in his faith for 19 months and on February 20, 2002, was sentenced to five years in a state prison. In the years to follow, Cheno would discover a talent that would propel him into ministry outside of the barbed wire fence. Hip Hop was always a love of Cheno’s, and while in prison he began to write, thanks to a church microphone and a boom box. After finishing his sentence, he returned to Miami a new man and continued his walk with God. He has served as Youth Pastor at Trinity Church helping to change lives there and beyond and was launched to begin his own church, Greater Church, in Atlanta Georgia.

In 2003 Bobby found Christ and began ministering to youth in Whittier, CA and attending Life Pacific College. In 2011 he founded Passion City Outreach in Cottonwood and later returned to California to work as an Assistant Pastor in Eastside Los Angeles at Young Nak Celebration Church where he leads Cross Trainers Urban Outreach at their Broadway Campus.  CrossTrainers reaches out local young people from Kindergarten to College Age in one of the most gang affiliated areas of LA.

He has spoken in juvenile detention centers, high schools and churches across the nation, showing and proving there are churches in the wild!

Currently our Student Pastor at Oasis Church, Joe has endured what may amount to a lifetime of challenges from childhood to his early adulthood. The son of parents who walked down the road of gang and drug abuse, he has had to make decisions in his life that would prove to change the trajectory of his future. Moving to South Florida in 2014 with his family in tow, he has poured into the lives of the ONE Student community along with many of its leaders by his side.


Don't just read about how Camp Crave has impacted lives, listen for yourself.

Camp Crave 17 Promo from Oasis Church on Vimeo.


  • Early Bird Rate: $335 per student. Must be paid in full by April 30th, 2017 (CLOSED)
  • Regular Rate: $375 per student. Must be paid in full by June 30th, 2017 (OPEN)
  • Late Rate: $415 per student. Must be paid in full by July 31st, 2017 (OPEN)

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