Created to Worship

I remember one time I invited a friend to church and the teaching was based on worship.

“We were created to worship God!”

The speaker said, and everyone in the audience shouted and clapped and amen-ed... you know, like a good ol’ hype church group. Meanwhile, my friend sat next to me with wide eyes and a furrowed brow... then he walked out.

Let’s be honest, if someone told you that the sole purpose of your existence is to bow down to a higher power, you’d probably raise an eyebrow too. The beauty of this though, is that once you’ve accepted God into your life, this concept does a full 360. As His followers, we know that we were created by Him and He has known us inside and out from the moment we were placed in our mother’s womb. He created each of us with an individual purpose, as well as the purpose we all share that is to worship Him. It’s important that the image of you bowing down to a throne is not what comes to mind when you think of worship because that’s not what it’s about.

Here, is where we often misinterpret the idea of worship because we believe that worship is its dictionary definition. With that said, let’s explore some of the online versions of worship! According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, worship is said to be a “form of religious practice with its creed and ritual”. Mmm, it’s no surprise that the instant connection is made between worship and religion because that’s what has been planted into our minds.

A worship service is that ritual I attend on Sundays because it’s part of my religion, it’s what we do right? I can check worship off my to-do list for this week, until next week when I come and sing along with the band again. Or how about Urban Dictionary’s take on it where one user defined it in a rather sarcastic way: “The act of throwing away all dignity and self respect for fear of judgment by an imaginary being.” This one’s a more out there definition that may have been what my friend had in mind during that service he walked out of. From a worldly point of view, these definitions of worship make sense.

In this weekend’s message, Romans 12:1 was used as a reference point which can be even more controversial:

Romans 12:1(NIV)

12 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.

Sacrifice is definitely a scary word and the idea of living to please another being is contradictory to every self-motivation idea in pop culture. This our turning point! God doesn’t need you to be His fan or His slave, all He wants is for His followers on Earth to live a life worship. BUT actual worship that propels us to live beyond our own needs and requires us to sacrifice parts of our lives such as our time, minds, gifts, and even some of our wants. Living a life of worship means life change for yourself once you’ve found it through Him and then spreading that life change throughout the world. That is the true and proper worship that God encourages because it’s not about you-- or Him. It’s about understanding that He lives in you and has saved you by grace for you to live a life through Him.

You were blessed with gifts, talents, and passions that may have yet to be awakened in your life. Worship is finding these highlights in your life and using them to glorify God’s plan for humanity. It’s not singing, dancing, or choosing the best playlist for the worship team to sing. It’s asking yourself the question of whether or not your life is serving a greater purpose than just the human expectations for life. We are not meant to live an average life because God wants us to live beyond it, and worship Him in that sense. We are the hands and feet of His plan and our worship is the execution of what we have learned through Him.

~ Val

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